Respect in asian culture

Monday, October 28, 2019

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Please check back in September, for our most recent update of these resources. The Japanese, in general, are shy people and somewhat more formal than typical Americans. In their own society, they have developed a unique set of values, customs, and traditions, and they have rules of etiquette for nearly every situation. However, while visiting or living in the States, they try to be considerate and accommodating of others.
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Cultural Values of Asian Patients and Families

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Do and Don'ts in China — A Guide to Chinese Etiquette

Aging isn't just a biological process -- it's also very much a cultural one. Different cultures have different attitudes and practices around aging and death, and these cultural perspectives can have a huge effect on our experience of getting older. While many cultures celebrate the aging process and venerate their elders, in Western cultures -- where youth is fetishized and the elderly are commonly removed from the community and relegated to hospitals and nursing homes -- aging can become a shameful experience. Physical signs of human aging tend to be regarded with distaste , and aging is often depicted in a negative light in popular culture, if it is even depicted at all. Psychologist Erik Erickson argued that the Western fear of aging keeps us from living full lives. Here's what we can learn from other cultures, both past and present, about embracing the aging process.
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Etiquette in Asia

Sometimes it is easy to become consumed with our own beliefs and habits. We can find it challenging to accept other ways of life. However, close mindedness and intolerance are not constructive for anyone, especially when there is so much we can learn about other cultures. Learning to accept and respect other cultures is an important step to having new experiences and learning about the world.
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In Jogjakarta, Indonesia, students made a video about why young people should show respect to their peers, adults, and elders as part of Asia Society's Creative Voices of Islam project. After you watch the video, read what the students thought and post your own comments! This story is very interesting because it tells us about surrounding society life. As javanese, we have a tradition to respect others, not only to older people but also the younger ones. The story tries to show us how simple it is to respect people, but sometimes we are just too lazy to do it.
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